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Originally Posted by DieselDiner View Post
So, as can be seen, no mention of "Drying" but definitely a mention of cold fuel.
Indeed, so I assumed. My comment was more on the "strainer" verbiage instead of "filter" "desiccant filter" etc. I was thinking along the lines of some liquid line dryers in refrigeration systems which allow refrigerant and oil to pass but chemically absorb water and mechanically filter debris.

Thanks for the official excerpt. Obviously I have some reading to do

If we were to select an alternative filter or an additional filter as an in-line secondary, around what parameters would it be selected? I believe that there is a delta-p sensor in our fuel system which I assume is to identify a clogged/clogging filter. Does anyone know the stock differential pressures and flow rates so that the alternative filter selected can be specified accordingly? Are there other important numbers about which I am forgetting?

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