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ordered them on monday, got them friday.. great service, i hope I'm not hijiacking the thread in posting this, but if you're OCD.. u MIGHT b a lil disappointed here..

the pictures r misleading, the outer ring is a lot dimmer than the inner rim, thus making them look almost a different color from close, the further u get away from the headlights the better they look... i put my car side by side with the stock white AE and from far away diff is minimal, but up close, expect people to notice.. I had 2 diff people at my job tell me they thought the color was off, but it was during the day and we were looking close..

although a bit pricey, they simply are the best PnP ones you can get, and the service/people are great, so don't let the above scare you off, just depends what kind of person u r.. im learning to live with it, and knowing now that more people experience this, i feel better..