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Originally Posted by inimeg View Post
ordered them on monday, got them friday.. great service, i hope I'm not hijiacking the thread in posting this, but if you're OCD.. u MIGHT b a lil disappointed here..

the pictures r misleading, the outer ring is a lot dimmer than the inner rim, thus making them look almost a different color from close, the further u get away from the headlights the better they look... i put my car side by side with the stock white AE and from far away diff is minimal, but up close, expect people to notice.. I had 2 diff people at my job tell me they thought the color was off, but it was during the day and we were looking close..
This has been covered over and over again in this thread or any other threads about angel eyes, for years. This is due to design of the rings. It is this way regardless of what bulb you use. Under normal circumstances while your car is running, no one will be standing right next to it staring at your angel eyes.
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