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I also have an 07 w 80k. I have pics I will try to post of before and after. Me and a friend did it w chemical soak and some brushes and ..... zip ties. I closed all the valves I could, filled the port and soaked the over night. Next day hit it with the brush. The result: depending on how anal you are, you can get the port as clean as it came from the factory for ..under $50
Now the question of "is it worth it?" My car had no mods. It dynoed at 261 HP. After the cleaning 284 HP . You be the judge, but for me 20 who for ~$50 . I would say do and do it yourself if you can. I will be doing this once a year. I did full FBO + v3 but I drive around with the tune on map 0. The car feels that much better after the cleaning.
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