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Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
mostly beer/wine here.

red wine: ecco domani (got a bottle open as i type this), st jean, yellowtail
beer: stella, hoe garden, newcastle. the american regulars are ok, sometimes a little too "mealy" for my taste

yeah i only drink cheap stuff, though i have a bottle of louis and lafite for bragging rights
Dry wine or semi sweet? Not familiar with those names besides yellowtail (which is on the same level as Barefoot mainly). Right now I have Franzia Delicious Red (classy, I know). But the Linganore Vineyards wines, and St Michaels Winery I enjoy. I'm not big on dry wines. Furthest sweet wines I would go for would be Moscato (original, red, pink). Furthest dry....not sure. I have tasted some dry Black Box wine that I couldn't even drink if I tried to chug it. Hoeegarden is not cheap, I love Belgian style ales. You should try the Delirium Tremens. It's considered a "strong" belgian ale (8.5%) but easy on taste. They are pretty pricey though, its better to get a full size rather than a pack, usually cheaper. Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA is still the only 12 fl oz bottle I would buy for $15. At 18% a beer, it is the smoothest thing I have ever tasted.

Have you tried Affligem Blond? I seem to enjoy the blond more than the Dubbel and Tripel from them...
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looks like unicorn vomit.