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Customizing 09-10 maps for low octane pump fuel and high altitude

Am trying to develop a custom 09-10 map and need some assistance on how to customize ignition advance and boost targets?

The problem is that in South Africa we generally have poor fuel quality (95RON which is supposed to be the same as 91RM, but dependent on the local brand this can be very inconsistent), furthermore I stay at an altitude of 5700ft so the stock turbo's start to battle over 5000rpms.

Am FOB but cannot run more than stg 0 on pump fuel, start getting super knock codes in the higher RPM's 5000+ with the other maps. However if I use a strong meths mixture and can then run stg 2 and above with a much higher start boost %, without a codes, but then my WG DC is totally maxed out at a 100% over 5000RPM's?

What I'm trying to do is develop a custom map for pump fuel with not as much ignition advance so I can run a bit more boost than stg0 in the higher RPM's. And then when I run meths at a higher boost start% I want to taper the boost target over 5000 (on a custom map similar to stg 3) a bit so that I don't put too much strain on the turbo's.

So my questions are:

- In what increments do u recommend I change ignition advance?

- At my altitude how much taper should I apply on the Boost target 0% and Boost target 100% settings?

- Does anyone perhaps already have a custom map developed for high altitude?