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Originally Posted by bplewis24 View Post
Been lurking here for a few months while I research my purchase (sometime early next year). But I had to reply just to say that is one of the most amazing stories I've read. And well worth the time.

Thanks for the read. I was afraid people were gonna roll their eyes when they saw how long the post was, but someone asked sooo. The crazy thing is there was a lot more to it after the ambulance got to me.There was a life copter en route to get me. When the paramedics asked if I thought they could get me on the ambulance ,,I just stood up.They freaked.But I didn't realize I even hurt my neck not to mention broke it. My helmet barely had a scratch on it. They figure it was from the bike hitting me.Since the accident thing have progressively gotten worse. Its a matter of all the scar tissue around that nerve, not the broken neck,,go figure.( The occipital nerve that was damaged goes to your ear and your eye. The surgery to get the scar tissue removed is sensitive. If there is any damage done to the nerve during surgery I could end up with permanent vertigo & still be in pain.Believe it or not I have been back on a bike. I still think about riding all the time. But as someone stated before even with health insurance the amount of money paid out has been astronomical & I'm always in pain. Its just a matter of how much. I take the highest dosage of pain killer allowed by law and on most days it doesn't help.I have to curl up in a ball and sweat it out.I have an awesome team of doctors and they've gone above and beyond for me. I'm not trying to scare anyone out of riding.In fact I wish more people would, because they'd have more respect for people on 2 wheels. This is just my story......& you know that saying that you figure out who your real friends are when you're down??? I found that one out very fast

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