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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
It's just a FlexFuel sensor that works with the PROcede to better determine ethanol content & adjust the tune to the appropriate levels.

OP -- I'd recommend you do some homework & read up on the different mods you're considering. It's your car not a forum build project, so make sure what you're buying is actually what you want.
In all actuality your right, It seems as if I haven't done enough research but truth of the matter is I have come from a few fast turbo cars,three 10 sec civics,Mk IV Gti big turbo, not turbo but an E46 M3 and an E60. Honestly with my big turbo gti I have never had to worry about meth+e85 combination. I didn't even have to worry about meth it was either race gas or 93 octane. Being that I did all the work to the turboed hondas , i know the general backround of what a turbo kit is supposed to do and what its functions are, but on the n54 platform its quite different because of the variety of ways to achieve the same hp #. For example you can run 75% E85 and 25% 93 octane on just DP's and achieve 390WHP-430WHP depending which tune your running or if your pro tuned(Custom tuned on E-85). At the same time someone can go and get an Intercooler,DCI's,DP's,Exhaust,JB4 and go meth make the same if not more power. If you look at my first post my question was more or less about what brands to go with instead of what to go with. The true technical question would be, how many people are running methanol and e85 mixed together, what tune are they running and what maps?. Also another question is with a 500 hp honda if you wanted to make it capable of running E-85 you would need dual Bosch 044 pumps to pump out that much fuel, theres no way a stock pump or even a Walboro 255lph could pump out that much corn juice. With the n54's it seems as if nobody's switched out there fuel pumps but are you guys getting close to maxing out your fuel trims?.