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Originally Posted by trickydisco View Post
I have an issue with your install instructions.

1. There were NO install instructions shipped with my order.
2. Issue #1 would be a non-issue if your instructions on your website were in any way relevant to v5.2
3. Online instructions state that it is for an older version and that install will be identical. That is not true. There are no spacers supplied with my unit. That may or may not be necessary however there is no mention of this distinction.
There is no fan which must be oriented on the bottom on my unit. That may or may not be significant however there is no mention of this distinction.
The main thing that p*sses me off is your online instructions show a brown and black wire. My unit has red and black. Am I to deduce that The red wire mates with the green, and the black wire mates with the brown? That's fine, but there absolutely should be SOMETHING stated either with the unit or on the online instructions regarding the wire pairing since you changed the freakin colors and by your own admission: "If you hook these wires up wrong, you could destroy the power unit".

Some clarity please
W are in the process of updating the install guide right now actually. for the wires Red to Green, Brown to Black. We will be updating the pictures and instructions on the site within the next day. As well there is only 1 way the aluminum part will fit because of the design of the holes.

We are sorry for your frustration but we will get this fixed