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Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
Quik sounds like he needs to be in a luxury line f30. Lol. Some ppl are better off than others from the start. 50 hours a week is nothing. Try 70. And no lunch break.
+1 I know what that's like.... I'm happy if I hit 50 Hrs a week...

for me since i been driving I've been working in the field professionally but never been to into mod's. only thing i've always been concerned about is sound systems. But i do them whenever I have some extra cash or just want to buy myself something. But as well as everything else I do I have a budget of how much I'm going to spend on modding. I'm generally really good with my budgets and usually stay within my means.

if it wasn't for online shopping i wouldn't be able to have any mods lol