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Originally Posted by Mattshokri View Post
i have a 2011 328i
i have about 3000 miles on my car
my car starts to shake on col starts
what can it be?
i got a muffler delete a couple of months ago but the shaking was never this bad
thx and here is a vid of it

Originally Posted by JL 325i View Post
You can fix this yourself in like 5 minutes: go to an autozone and get them to scan your car for free to see which error code if is going off because there should be one. Mine said iginition coil 3 so i just bought one and replaced. And idk about the warranty.
are you getting a SES light?

and JL 325i autozone only scans if you havea SES light so im guessing you had one. my car has a similar problem but no SES light