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Originally Posted by E90-07 View Post
Just had the same problem with mine, N51 motor but i believe everything internally should be the same to an N52 just exhaust pipe modifications, as i just read in the AA exhaust thread, but yea had a rough idle outta no where would misfire on WOT and bog down at cursing speeds took it into the dealer and ended up being #4 coil pack was shot, actually had oil inside the cylinder and the spark plug hold was also flooded with oil and i was leaking air out of my valve cover gasket, as they did a smoke test and realized that, but since then knock on word cars running fine no problems so far, hope this helps you guys oh and I'm around 80k mileage wise
did you have a SES light?

im having the same symptoms. When idling, the car sputters/shakes/hiccups most of the time and when i go WOT it misfires. no SES light tho and occasionally it behaves normally