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Originally Posted by Bamaben View Post
I'm new to bike ownership as i bought a week old 2012 ninja 650 and have ridden it for 1.5 weeks straight to work, etc. Not even a fast bike to those who have been riding a while, but fast to me being a new rider. Anyway, just got in the 335 after being on this bike a while and it feels sooooo slow. I mean i know the bike IS faster, but man, i cant believe how slow it makes my car feel. Can you riders relate?
I hear ya man. Before I got the bimmer I had a G35, which I thought was decent, speed wise ,compared to what I had before (98 Honda Accord), but once I got more involved with the enthusaist scence, I knew my car wasn't fast at all compared to others. It only takes one race against a true tuner/enthusaist to put you in your place and that's what happened to me. ( damn Mustangs/ American muscle in general ) After that I said eff it... if I cant beat them in a car, I sure as hell will crush them on a bike lol...Its not a fair race by any means I know, but still. After that, I got my first bike an 04 GSX R 750 and man o man... Talking about being untouchable... I spent paychecks upon paychecks making that thing the beast it is today. I've had it over two years and I didn't think I would ever need another bike just the fact that I never fully opened that bike up... not even unto this day. But for some reason the whole speed urge kicked in especially when it came down to other people getting 1000 cc bikes. I was like well I guess its time for an upgrade... and an upgrade I did. I've recently purchased this bike, but man... Its a completely different beast. Introducing Sonic and his rival Shadow

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