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Originally Posted by e9012345 View Post
You don't pay tax if you pay cash. StreetXtreme recommends because all their stuff is flawless (ask Pat/Ron).

Fitment is 99.9% on my car as well as others that both Patrick and Ron can atest to.

You'd be a fool to pay anything over $500 for a M3 rep bumper. Parts/quality is all identical across all the different retailers - so Bimmian and extreme parts as well as the ebay stuff is the exact same thing.

Does it makes sense for there to be multiple manufacturers for a sub 500 dollar niche product to convert select e90 pre-lci's to M3 rep front ends?

Same shit... and its perfect.
Personally, I don't really give a shit how fitment is on your car, or what you feel like the bumper is worth or not worth.

This is a for sale thread. If you want to post commentary, start a thread and ask people for their opinion.

Sorry to be blunt, but you all know the thread rules.

And just for the record, no fitment is not the exact same across all vendors. Some vendors might get a couple bad eggs when their shipment comes in. These replica bumpers are made in Taiwan and China, where quality control isn't the same as manufactures who produce OEM parts. Hence thats why OEM parts fit perfect, every time and carry a nice price tag. Some bumpers will fit spot on, some will need a little massaging by the body shop but thats what you sign up for when your purchasing a non-OEM part. Can you say your bumper will fit better than the one I am selling? Or one that Bimmian is selling? Or any other vendor? No you can't. So next time you go on a rant, sensor yourself before you do it in another members For Sale thread.

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