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If you don't want to do methanol and you want cooler air intake temperatures to improve longevity and run consistency (prevent heat soak, especially if you're tuned with a DCI) everyone who tunes and uses a DCI or tunes and drives in a place that isn't really far away from the equator should get one. There are plenty of ways to do this without spending $1000 if you don't want to do that. Lots of brand believers will tell you that you need to spend as much as they did, but I've read of plenty of some of the really high boosted cars spending a negligible amount to achieve the same outcome (or better, arguably) as those who drop $1-2k.

It comes down to deciding what your goals are or what you want out of the car, investigating your options and the archives on these forums and deciding what the best fit is and analyzing each choice's pros and cons.

Do LOTS of reading about FMICs and methanol- it'll help more than everyone who contributes to this thread due to how much information there is about this from prior threads and other websites google finds.