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Originally Posted by Mr Singh View Post
Looking like German eBay is the way forward then
By far the cheapest option

Originally Posted by Hope View Post
Ask him how much he wants for 10?
I've asked him this but he insists the price he has them for is the best he can do (But he will throw in some free LED's - part of his xmas offer I think)

By the way I noticed when browsing his other products for sale that the CBI bulbs are listed twice, at two different price points; 100 and 133

When I asked him the difference;

some are OEM 66140 CBI,

others retail boxed 66144 CBI.
Apparently these are now standard on Mercedes S Class, so I'm guessing the OEM ones are what Mercedes would buy; non-retail boxed bulbs.

He assures me they are the same bulbs, just one comes in a retail box, the other in plain packaging... 100 vs 133 I know which I will be going for

Sorry a discounted group buy couldn't be got, but 100 for two xenon's is cheap compared to UK/OEM prices

Good luck guys, I will be ordering from our friend in Germany