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Car stalling on first start of the day

UPDATE: Dealer diagnosed it all morning. Eccentric shaft sensor. Out of warranty. Approved the repair, as the car can't even be started at the moment.

Not sure what's happening here, but out of nowhere, the car is stalling when starting it in the morning.. No CEL being thrown.

The battery was changed last month, so it has been super strong lately, when slow cranks were everywhere before that.

If I turn off the a/c, it starts up a bit easier.

Weirdly enough, once it's started, it runs like a clock.. no rough idle or bad mileage.. hmm..

I've had the the valve cover gasket replaced, along with all the bolts at some point last year, since a few of the bolts snapped.

Any ideas?

Eccentric shaft sensor? I was told it looked slightly oily during the valve cover job before.
Bad gas? It was a station I hadn't used before. I will use Redline fuel injector cleaner once I am running low and fill up.

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