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Originally Posted by JStang View Post
So I was doing some reading as I sit here bored at work. If you recall from my previous post, I was concerned that the passenger side fog support was blocking air flow to the oil cooler.

I found a thread from 2009 that discussed this and found out that BMW has an OEM fog support that has an open area for air flow to the oil cooler. The part number is 51118043230 as sean on

This can be ordered from Tischer for $4.91. I highly suggest that you order this if you have a factory oil cooler. Your other option is to take a dremel or razor blade and cut a hole in the fog support supplied by JGMods to allow air flow.

It is ok that the driver side is blocked off as the OEM ducts pulls air from the center duct for the brakes. Here is a picture of the passenger side opening with the OEM fog support. Hopefully this helps you guys out!

Thats good info. I was just gonna dremmel mine.. but might as well order this since its so cheap and see if it works.