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Originally Posted by Hooy
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Hmmm I've heard that they help in the lower end power and when you get a tune with one of these intakes there is quite a noticeable gain. But thanks for your 2 cents Hooy I appreciate it, I see you quite often around here and it's nice to talk to someone that seems pretty reliable
You're welcome Teeeg. Your dollar is best spent on an exhaust purely for sound, a tune for refinement, and an intake manifold for actual power.

After that, coilover suspension is your best bang for buck. Covers both handling and cosmetics in a profound way. Switching out the RFT tires when they wear down to a decent summer non-rft is also a massive investment in comfort and cost of ownership. If you decide to get serious with your car, the possibilities are endless... cosmetically.

The most you can do power performance wise:
1. catless headers, but there are no reputable ones. Also too loud with an exhaust.
2. 3 stage manifold
3. LSD with different gears
4. Weight reduction

Thanks I will be sure to look into all those mods in the future!