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Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112 View Post
a couple of quick questions, cause I can't find a complete answer:

1. Im tryin to follow the directions on the DIY, when I run the airbag test with INPA... will this still work even though I have my airbag lights & seatbelt lights going off on my dash? I've bought my cable and am waiting for it to come in, but I don't know if this test will still work, even though my lights are going off.

2. My goal is to turn off my seat occupancy sensor so that these lights will turn off... Can anyone point me towards the right direction as to what I am suppose to be coding exactly? I've read that I'm suppose to clear the following 2 things:
  • sidebag_links sidebag_rechts (set to nicht_aktiv)
  • disable the seat occupancy sensor both contain "oc3" (set to nicht_aktiv)

and then i'm suppose to clear the codes in INPA. Is this correct? Just wanting to double check.

3. My E-brake light is red on my dash. Dealership says my 3rd party mechanic didn't change my brake sensors so that's why is always on). I plan on changing my brakes on my own (I don't need the car to tell me when to change them.. planning to just check them myself). Is there a way to turn off these sensors and clear the this red E-brake light? Or if it's easier, can I just clear the red E-brake light in INPA without doing any coding?

Thank you in advance to those who reply to me!
can anyone help me out with the quoted question? thanks!
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