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Originally Posted by rentonrider View Post
dumb question: in the last settings picture, is 1 bar the lowest sensitivity setting? Meaning if I have 1 bar set, will only my low beams turn on during the day only when it detects very little light? I hate how it turns on when there's light out.
I think you have the opposite. 1 bar = low beams off during day with most light, so it's not as sensitive. 3 bar = very sensitive

At least that's how I interpreted it. Kinda like my Logitech G5 mouse. 1 bar = lease sensitive, so it's "slow," 3 bars = Very sensitive.

I also hate it when it's bright outside and the headlights turn on...but I read that the sensor also detects the amount of infrared given off by the sun...which kind of explains why it turns on more often in cooler seasons