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Originally Posted by max_k20 View Post
So today while going downhill DTC, ABS and EBRAKE light went off (all yellow) and on little window
In cluster abs 4x4 error lit up yellow as well. Tried to shut cat off an restart error was still there. I plugged in my COBB and no error there and I did a reset on the ecu. Error is gone and I made about 50km to test it out to make sure. Now removed cobb and went to dealership. They say it might have been a bug in the ecu or some contaminant on a sensor and to came back if it lit up again. Now i'm worried to flash it again and that the error pop up as COBB will erase the error.

Should I be worried ???

Edit : driving a 2009 335i xDrive with 74 000km (46 000 miles) also before someone ask yes I'm running staggered setup (oem 18" since its first owner from factory) with oem size tire.

Edit 2 : I also looked the other thread but was really no help.
If you're still in warranty (idk if it transfers) you should really bring it in to have it looked at/fixed.

My 4x4 light only came on so I did a lot of research and it could be something with the transfer case which could cost anywhere from $1000-3000 to fix. It should be safe to drive with any yellow errors but if they turn red then it's a problem (from what I've read).

The description of a replacement part for X5 that I saw said that the warranty is only guaranteed if all 4 tires are replaced at the same time (maybe time of install?), so tires may have something to do with it, all though wider rims shouldn't effect it at all. Only if the tires don't have the same diameter then it might cause a problem, which I have one tire different (from replacing a flat apparently... its a used car) so I think that may have caused mine, but my error light went away so I stopped looking into it...

Good luck with getting it fixed if it comes back.