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Originally Posted by zybar View Post
Agree with all of the posts so far...really good customization options, ok weapons, big changes on knifing, etc... Basic game play is similar to the previous versions of the game.

I play multiplayer exclusively and things have been pretty stable. There have been occasional disconnects and choppiness, but overall I am happy.

I play on a 96" x 54" pj setup and it is so much more enjoyable on a big screen. Going back to only a 60" screen seems small. I can only imagine how it looks on an even bigger screen.

If anybody wants to play, my gamertag on Xbox is: GWzybar

I am not a killing machine, but I can definitely hold my own.

BTW, what does everybody think about the challenge and prestige systems?

I like that I can prestige my guns; I wish they would add another option when you prestige to add incentive to prestige (rather than 10, keep incrementing)..

The spawn killing is my biggest pet peeve, followed by overpowered shot guns and auto-fire-rate pistols.

I play multiplayer and only hard core, so I would like a few more maps; specifically some -good- sniper maps would be awesome.