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Originally Posted by five3three View Post
Without looking at your other post, I know exactly what section and when that happened and it was ridiculous negligence on their part so I'm not surprised they are paying out for that "lip". The road was dug up and the connecting part was something that I am sure damaged a lot of cars during those few days until it was fixed.

I went through that going at below the speed limit and thought I damaged my suspension and bent my wheels. Luckily I was only out for a new alignment and I didn't bother filing the claim for that. The following days I would slow down to almost 20 mph on the highway just to be able to take that thing painlessly. The most retarded thing I have ever seen on a highway.

For potholes, they have rules such as they need to have been notified of the pothole and not fixed it within a certain number of days of when it was reported so this is generally harder to get approved.
To clarify, I filed the claim with VDOT, they handed it over to the contractor (in this case VA Paving). They reviewed the claim and approved it. Anything under $500 tHey can approve and cut a check for, anything more than that it gets handed over to their insurance company.