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Originally Posted by BigBoosting View Post
Ok. I went out and did multiple 3rd gear pulls with the AFR target map set to 55 and 60 across all cells. As you can see in these two logs my AFR's came up each time. So this leads me to believe I have the wrong flash.

Tell me what you all think........

The first log is with the AFR target cells at 55....AFR's came up to high 11's from mid to low 11's

The second log is with the target cells set to all 60's. The AFR's came up to low 12's as you can see.
Well, only Shiv can tell you that because he would need to look at a copy of what he sent you. But if you can lean out your AFR, then keep going until you're happy... I know with Flex Fuel it has the enleanment in the Map 3 that does basically the same thing you're doing.