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Originally Posted by Bamaben View Post
Nice bikes!

Good to hear people have been riding a while. I was getting seriously spooked reading these horrific stories. I know anything can happen and you have to be willing to live with the risks. I've know people who've been killed on bikes and seriously hurt. But I know more who've been riding a long time without incident. I think if I take out as much risk that I can control with careful riding, no risk taking maneuvers, constant awareness and anticipation, then that's all I can do. I did take the MSF course prior to buying our bikes and I am so glad we did. I learned so much I would never have learned on my own. Please share your stories of how long you've been riding without incident to help us see that riding can still be somewhat safe and enjoyable. I need to hear it as a new rider
The reality is riding bikes on the streets is dangerous, and so is driving a car because of the idiots talking on cell phones, texting, paying more attention to the radio, their kids or whatever than their driving. I have investigated plenty of accidents cause by careless drivers. Then add the can't drive street racer or drunk driver. Unfortunately, on a bike the rider has little protection against a vehicle, guard rail or utility pole. If you are wearing leathers, helmet, gloves, proper boots and hit just pavement, chances are you're walking away with little damage. My 1st accident at age 18, at 110 mph high speed woble after exiting a curve, last thing I saw was the headlight and front tire as I flew over the handlebars. I was knocked unconscious, had a little road rash but walked out of the ER the same day. Didn't hit nothing but pavement. A collision with a car at age 43 was a completely different story as I posted earlier.

Motorcycle riding can be fun but its not for everyone. As a new rider learn to ride defensively, practice what you're taught, and watch out for the idiots behind the wheel. The only thing that will keep me from riding again if I ever walk is my wife who has been with me for 23 yrs and stated she will leave me if I ever get another bike. But she didn't say anything about riding my brother's Ducati 996.LOL Just enjoy it and be safe.

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