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Originally Posted by uke92dude View Post
Which Castrol is that? When I had my M3s, they used to use Mobil 1 - that was BMW's flavour of the month then before they "recommended Castrol"...
Agreed. Call me a cynic but I suspect that BMW "recommend Castrol" because they get paid to say so. Alledgedly. What matters, I'd have thought, is the specification? Surely if an oil meets/exceeds the spec then you're fine.
I use Titan Race Pro S 5W-40 purchased from Opie Oils on special offer.
As for "it makes my car run better.......", never noticed this at all, sorry.

It doesn't state that it's long life, but I would NEVER change the oil and filter as infrequently as the BMW iDrive suggests. 15,000 miles in the N54 engine? I don't think so.