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I had the same decision back when - decided on the Euro over PI for the following reasons (these would be relative to the NA version):


  • PnP system installation - re-uses factory upper snorkel
  • Filter access is top loading - simply remove a couple screws, take off top, replace filter, replace top - no need to remove entire airbox & disassemble as with PI.
  • Uses round style filter with greater filter surface area vs PI flat style
  • No additional secondary carbon filter in airbox as with PI
  • Warranty is not voided as it is an OEM BMW part
  • Carbon Fiber lid cover available aftermarket from Carbon8 if you want the CF look
  • Increased intake sound (if you're in to that)
  • Feel slightly better throttle response (although no dyno results to prove)
  • Cheaper @ $400 than PI @ $700+ (I only paid $75 shipping charges for mine as I did an even swap for my factory airbox with a member in Singapore who needed the back half for his PI install)
  • None that I have found


  • PnP system installation
  • It has slightly larger inlet size where connects to upper snorkel with corresponding larger outlet upper snorkel
  • Has secondary air inlet from rear of box to windshield cowl area (don't know how effective this is as it is relatively small)
  • Warranty is not voided as it is OEM BMW part
  • Increased intake sound (if you're in to that)
  • Carbon Fiber lid + upper snorkel
  • Re-uses factory airbox back half - so secondary carbon filter will still be intact & would have to be Dremeled out if you want it gone
  • Since it only replaces front half of your factory airbox (you retain the factory rear half) - to change filter you would need to completely remove the airbox as before
  • Uses factory flat style filter with less filter surface area than Euro round style
  • More $$ than Euro

For me, the deal breakers on buying the Euro over PI was the ease of filter change, increased filtration area, & of course the cost of the Euro vs the PI...
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