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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
Wow do you actually read peoples post?? I stated if you have the coding cable, YOU CAN USE INPA...
Yeah, your post is the one that prompted me to ask o.o I was looking for clatification.

Originally Posted by Bmw135er
You crank sensor wires are tied back? That sounds like a good place to start. Remove your tune and see if the faults return. It may be install related judging by the "expertise" you showed in your initiation of yet another thread without any technical data.
The install instructions supplied by BMS clearly stated that the speed delimiter and CPS could be installed independently of one another by tying back the wires for the one not being installed. My thread included all the technical data available to me at the time, no need to bash someone for not owning a piece of diagnostic equipment. Sounds like I can try using my other cable to get the info, though.