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Originally Posted by WildBee659 View Post
Wish you the best and its crazy how much the human body can take. But most importantly is how we choose to deal with it. I can truely say, "been there done that", as far as serious motorcycle accidents go. I'll be short: After 9/11 as a USAF reservist I was activated at sent to Barksdale AFB, LA from NC. I spent 19 months on active duty and deployed to Saudi Arabia for 4 months during that time. A week before being deactivated I was involved in a motorcycle accident on my ZX9R when a 19 yr old decided to make a left turn in front of me. I have no memory of the accident or my first week in ICU. I fractured both wrist, right ankle, T-7/8 vertebrae, and tore all the ligaments on my left knee. First time I ever broke any bones.LOL Spent 3 months on my back before starting the hard road to recovery. About 6 months after my accident I finally made it home and continued with outpatient therapy. Apr 7, 2013 will be 10 yrs since my accident. I'm now in a wheelchair, living with pain everyday and thankful I'm alive. My wife is the greatest!!! Before being activated I was a motor officer on a BMW R1150RT-P, best job ever.LOL On the bright side, I was on active duty and now retired with 100% service connected disability. God has blessed my family since the accident and we have never been without any needs.

My advise to riders, learn to ride properly, take motorcycle riding classes, and a roadracing school if you want to ride your sportbike to its limits safely. Better yet, do track days. Most importantly, WEAR safety gear to include a helmet even if your state does not require one, or at least be an organ donor so someone else can benefit from your stupidity. A helmet saved me in 2 out of 4 of my motorcycle accidents. The 2 accidents were my worse ones, on both I was knocked unconscious. Yes, I'm hard headed and love riding. Love the open road so now I have a convertible and love it.
I feel for you, & I know I could have ended up much worse. The chunk of bone that broke off my c3 is pressing deep into my spinal chord. My neurologist couldn't believe is was walking around without any weakness in my arms or legs. He told me it shouldn't move anymore as long as I don't have any major accidents and it would be too dangerous to remove. I know what its like to live in pain, although our situations are different.I feel like I have an ice pic inserted behind my left ear and it goes straight to my left eye.Its excrutiating. I had the doctors burn some nerves away further down in my neck so the pain would cause the rest of my neck and shoulder lock up . I have a good friend based in Fort Campbell KY who told me there were so many motorcycle accidents from guys coming back from tours buying motorcycles and getting accidents that the military wouldn't sign off on any motorcycle loans & then they implemented that even if you had a valid motorcycle license you had too pass their test. Good luck . Hang in there