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Originally Posted by GChase View Post
Honestly I'd get rid of it if I were you. 06's will probably take a dip in worth when the new 4 series come out next year. That oil leak could turn into a big problem so selling it now may be smart. Treat yourself to a newer E92 335i!
Interesting viewpoint. You seem to be one of the few who favors selling. How many years do you typically keep a car? Just curious. For me it's normally only a few (3-4). I would actually love a 335, but I dunno. Maybe a tad more than I want to spend. Honestly, my dream car is a e36 M3 sedan... not many left around but man I just love the way they look.

Originally Posted by DUI Elite View Post
Personally I'm choosing to wait for this exact reason. I test drove an FR-S last week for shits and giggles and didn't really like it.

Felt slower but as agile as the BMW, but with much less room.

Drove an xdrive35i X3 and liked it but I'm not ready to grow up that much just yet. Still a little bit of little kid left in me. I'd recommend waiting till you find something in the market you like, otherwise you'll end up with buyers remorse. "casually" search.

I'm guessing your car's paid off too. That was another thing. Its been awhile since I've had to make a car payment, so I can afford the maintenance as if it is one (allocating $300 a month).
Yeah, I'll start "casually" looking.

As far as the payment, I actually do still owe on it, as I bought it used CPO. I don't owe much on it (it's worth way more than I owe), and my payments are very low (sub $200)... but that is something to take into consideration.

Ah... another wonderful day of debate.