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Originally Posted by Mike in Hampshire View Post
Agreed. Call me a cynic but I suspect that BMW "recommend Castrol" because they get paid to say so. Alledgedly. What matters, I'd have thought, is the specification? Surely if an oil meets/exceeds the spec then you're fine.
I use Titan Race Pro S 5W-40 purchased from Opie Oils on special offer.
As for "it makes my car run better.......", never noticed this at all, sorry.
Exactly, it's all marketing BS. (maybe in dxbs S54 situation it seems a specific product is involved, but thats not the N54 situation)

LL04 is not a 'high' spec, it is BMWs own spec for longlife oil, for which oil manufacturers have to pay BMW to obtain so they can put it on their bottles.

In fact car manufacturers oil specs are often compromises between oil manufacturers and car manufacturers to produce a cheaper LOWER spec oil, but which is approved by the car manufcturer, so all seems OK.

The Fuchs (nee Silkolene) Titan Race pro S 5W-40 is a full ester (not blended nor a mineral based synthetic) synthetic which blows all these regular castrol / mobil products away.

Its just with it being a low volume product, Fuchs don't want to pay BMW to get the LL04 'approval' label for their bottle.
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