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Cades Apollo 19" .... Feeler... hopefully not to touchy feely

Guys I have a set of Cades Apollo wheels which I am thinking of selling. Just want to be fully honest here.

I have had them for a while and they have served me well. They have been off the car for a while now and are warmly nestled in my Garage.

Brief history and condition: I hit a pot hole a while back and managed to flat spot the front passenger. Although very slight I handed the wheel into to Wheel works at Crawley who repressed the wheel and was corrected to be 100% straight and true.

Also 6 months ago a managed to split a New continental tire in the side wall. There is a slight nick on the rim from the stone that was caught in between the rim and tire wall.

Generally I would say the wheels could with with a refurb to be 100% mint, but apart from that they could easily have tires mounted and go straight on and you would be happy.

I was planing on running them as winter wheels this year but decided to run another set of wheels i have.

I can give the wheels without any tires.
Or I can mount a set of Yoko Advan sport 6+mm 235/265 (currently on csl's)

Obviously this is a feeler guys, if there is much interest and someone is serious to buy then we can work something out.

Was looking around 250ish for wheels alone. Or 650ish if wrapped and balanced with YOKOs.

Feel free to discuss. All comments welcome.

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