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Originally Posted by DefactoM6 View Post
CaptainInsano, I believe there is a company in California who makes M3-style fenders in ABS that don't have the grill, and bolt onto the 335 (no need for a hood or bumper). Probably a bit late to bring up at this point, but I figured I'd mention. Because as it has been said before, doing a 285 out back on stock fenders is definitely doable, it's the front that becomes a challenge...ask me how I know, I'm trying for 245/275 PSS (more like 255/285 in other brands) with no rubbing, no modifications to the front fenders (yes, I am rolled out back).
FWIW, i'm currently running 255/40/19 PSS in the front of my E92 on stock fenders. 19x9 +30 wheel, -2.5* camber, slight rub where the fender and bumper meet. A 19x9 +33 wheel would probably be perfect.