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Originally Posted by Grant@DetailAddict View Post
Sounds like you just deleted the VO... you then need to FA_Write to CAS and NFRM/FRM, THEN recode them (All of these steps in expert mode).

Please read the DIY and instructions carefully first before half coding your cars
I switched CHECK_SMC_ERROR to nitch_active when I did my initial coding (mirrors, windows, etc.) hoping it would eliminate the code. After deleting the option from my VO I went back and changed DYNAM_LWR_ENABLE to nitch_active.

So I should do the following:
1: Change CHECK_SMC_ERROR and DYNAM_LWR_ENABLE to active in NFRM using Expert Mode
1: Ensure that $524 is deleted and FA_Write (again) to CAS and NFRM/FRM in Expert Mode
2: Code CHECK_SMC_ERROR and DYNAM_LWR_ENABLE to nitch_active in NFRM using Expert Mode

I have a feeling I have made this much more difficult than it has needed to be...

Thank you for trying to help, I truly appreciate it.
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