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Good luck R45.

I don't have good news for me. I'm not sure if I can blame autoecu or not. But a friend of mine came in and we took Injector #3 mosfet off and solder in a new one. Put my DME back in the car and it is not communicating to the car at all.

I'm 99% positive what we did, is not causing the communication issue. If we did do anything wrong bank 1 would still be down, not a power/communication issue. I'm not sure what autoecu did they just told me they didn't find anything and put some grease around the edges of the board.

But when I pulled the car onto the lift and pulled the DME out it was getting communication to the car. We tested everything and determined the DME relay was not waking up. Even when we forced it to the car was still not communicating to the DME. Luckily we had a 07 335i in the shop for service so I swapped DMEs to see if it would communicate and sure enough it did.

So I called the dealer and ordered a reman DME last night. I get a call this morning and was told BMW does NOT REMAN 07 DMEs. New ones are only available.

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