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Can anyone tell me how far to the left the driver's side headlight should illuminate?

Here's my situation: I had a relavtively minor fender-bender, but the guy in front of me had a trailer hitch, so there was some damage to my front bumper and driver's side headlight. The driver's side headlight was replaced.

During the past couple of nights when I'm driving, I've noticed that the beam from the driver's side headlight seems to be very wide so that it is illuminating a good portion of the opposite lane. The vertical alignment seems fine. I don't know if I'm just being OCD about my car after the repairs or if I need to see about getting the hortizontal aim of the headlight adjusted. No one in the oncoming lane has been flashing me or acting like my lights are blinding them, so I may just be paranoid.

Any input would be welcome.