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Originally Posted by geko29 View Post
Think I'm going to do this with an iPad mini. See if I can get away without installing a mount.
I did this with a smart cover and some velcro. It worked well and it was very secure. I didn't take any photos but the gist of it was that I used the smart cover on the top of the dash and I would fold it into the triangle shape. I put velcro on the middle pane. I put some velcro on the opposing edge of the iPad and just above the vents to give it a little lift and stabilize it. The magnet in the smart cover was strong enough to hold it in place but the velcro didn't like the torque from that angle.

I decided against continuing to use it because I didn't like the velcro on my iPad. The other downside is that I like the cables to be routed along the passenger side but the smart cover had the cable connection on the driver's side. The upside was that it was pretty sweet to have my LTE enabled iPad there for streaming music and the GPS was awesome. Siri also worked great.

I may do it again if I can find a hard case that works with the smart cover so I can leave the back of the iPad velcro free.