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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
I was looking at valvoline in walmart the other night and I didn't seem to see any LL approved oil. I did see that there was an oil brand that had LL-04? O.o what's the difference vs. LL-01?
I think ill just stick straight to mobil 1. Its a "noisy" oil according to other people but I don't seem to notice a thing, I'm kinda curious, do oil stabilizers need to be LL approved?
Yup. LL-01 is hard to find. I like to stick with the weight recommended my the car manufacturer, so 0 is too thin and 40 is too thick for me. (I've read the manuals for the '08 E90 front to back, and as I recall it recommends 5w-30.) Finding LL-01 and 5w-30 on a bottle, well, my only find is at BMW. The oil and BMW filter cost $63 and change for me at New Century in Alhambra after 10% off for being a BMW Car Club member. Still saved almost $30....

LL-04 is for diesels, as I understand. (I think it has something to do with higher level of ZDDP additive, but don't quote me on that.)

I don't use stabilizers, and haven't researched them. I don't think they are necessary if you use the right oil in the first place. Use the extra money on the right oil, I guess.

If I had bumped into a thread about overheating I would ask if you had work done on the cooling system. As I know there is a special bleeding procedure, (and tool to use, some sort of pump that you pressurize the system to a certain level,) to do when adding coolant after cooling system work. If I remember correctly I had to detach a coolant hose to install the oil cooler retrofit. I then had a performance power kit installed by a dealer since I knew they would have to bleed the system anyways...