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Originally Posted by briers View Post
I'm considering going the specialist route now i know mondial bmw warranties don't stipulate i use dealer networking servicing.

However, anyone have an idea if this makes it more difficult during a warranty claim?

I had multiple bits replaced last year, some quite hard for them to agree to, but they eventually did. I suspect that if i hadn't serviced my car with them, the result may not have gone in my favour. I at least used it as a bargaining tool.

It's about 100 more with BMW for my oil change, air/fuel and brake fluid. But i also want both my stats changing and possibly my crankcase breather (at least inspected).

Anyone have experience or any views on BMW not wanting to help if you've had it serviced with a 3rd party.

No experience of unwillingness from BMW in the circumstances you describe.

Personally, I'd ask BMW to try and match the price from the Indi for the oil change, air/fuel and brake fluid.

Then get the Indi to do the stats and C/breather,which are far from the norm for a dealer to do under normal circumstances,and the dealer would no doubt be asking you to bring in some KY jelly along with the cash to pay

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