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Originally Posted by N0OS3 View Post
nice! good luck! (good thing LUX lci halogens don't seem to have this problem)
They don't (and the E90 Pre LCI's dont either) because of the way that the light reaches the rings. There are two individual light pipes that extend down to the bulb. LUX and others intelligently position 2 LED emitters, one in front of the end of each light pipe, so the light will always be evenly distributed.

The E90/91 LCI w/ xenon and E92/93 Pre-LCI use a reflector to pipe light to the outer ring, and stray light is put foward to the inner ring--

(note how little light gets reflected to the outer ring, and how much just simple passes foward--explains why the light goes out)

I'm VERY curious about how E92-Lighting's "revolutionary" product will bypass this inherent engineering flaw while still remaining plug-and-play.

Put me in the "skeptical until pics of product" camp