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Originally Posted by BigBoosting View Post
Thanks for that, that was another concern of mine as well.

Because that is where E85 is most effective, at higher AFR's. And that is where my car SHOULD be running, not in the 11's.

I am a stickler for details, if its not right, its not correct.

Also, I re-uploaded the stg3 map. At an OL of 60, AFR target map cells at 60. I am back down to high 11's, never touching the 12's and my trims actually touched 34%.

Something is definitely up.
I tested 11.8 - 12.8 AFRs on my evo running e85 and found no difference in power, so I opted for 11.8 for being on the safe side with no downside in lost power. Even despite e85 can run leaner, there is no good reason to run lean in cases when it does not increase the power. I haven't done proper testing on N54, but I'd like to see any hard evidence of the benefit of running lean before opting for running lean. Has anyone tested AFRs 13 vs 12 for example while keeping everything else constant?