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3. My E-brake light is red on my dash. Dealership says my 3rd party mechanic didn't change my brake sensors so that's why is always on). I plan on changing my brakes on my own (I don't need the car to tell me when to change them.. planning to just check them myself). Is there a way to turn off these sensors and clear the this red E-brake light? Or if it's easier, can I just clear the red E-brake light in INPA without doing any coding?
No. You need a new sensor. It is a part that wears out much like the pads. It has two wires embedded at an angle in a composite material of some kind. I don't know if it measures capacitance or what, but as the nub wears down, the wire ends get further apart (because of the angle). At a certain point, the ECU triggers the wear indicator. It won't go away until you replace the sensor. It is a $10-15 part and can be replaced without removing the brakes.