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Originally Posted by max_k20 View Post
The conditions : downhill on a wet road (not too wet)

How I was driving : deceleration and was going less than 30kph and braking for the upcoming stop at the botton of the small downhill.

That's why I found it weird to happen at that time. Only other time I saw this error was after disconnecting the battery (and I did check the battery connection to make sure). Did try to replicate the issue in similar condition and 150km later still didnt came back. Will keep cobb removed for a week at least to see what happens.
If it were my car after waiting a week or so if it did not reoccur I'd install the Cobb back in and not worry about it. Carry the Cobb in-car just in case it happened again and for some reason the car needed a tow to the dealership.