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Originally Posted by Dcara View Post
I'm new at coding and I have followed the DIY guide to set everything up. When I launch INPA Loader and connect to my car INPA loads correctly and both circles are black. The problem is when I choose my chassis (I have an 07 E90) I select E90 (F9) and I get an error that says the configuration file for E90.eng can not be found.... Any help would be great!

So I have messed around with my setup to a point where I no longer know up from down so I have decided to start from Scratch and was hoping for some direction before I start.

I am using a macbook with VMware fusion. I have installed Windows 7 untimate (x86)

This is where I could use some help.
I have found more than one DIY and don't know which one I should follow.
One is on this forum Called "BMW coding success" The DIY has the follwing Files and guide.

Program files

DIY in PDF format

I had also found a BMW all in one download. (don't recall what forum it was in)

Here are the issues I have been having...
1 - The one quoted above
2 - The driver for the cable (I bought the one in the BMW CODING Success DYI) does not seem to work properly. when I connect the cable it shows up under USB and has no driver. Manually updating the driver does not work.
3 - when I open INPALOADER with no cable connected to my computer I get the black dots for Battery and Ignition (is that normal?)

All that being said if anyone can point me in the right direction of a good DIY and the proper files to use I would really appreciate it!!!!!