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Originally Posted by GChase View Post
Usually until the transmission dies. Past cars around 160k. But with a newer BMW I'm a bit weary of doing that. Your tone just sounded like you're itching for a car.
I may be, which my fiancÚ says is a bad thing. She'd like to see me keep the BMW another few years (say 150-175k miles). Then sell it. Like I said, normally 2-4 years roughly for me.. and the bimmer just ticked over 2 years old. Maybe leasing is the way I need to go haha.

But like I said, this is my first BMW and I truly do love it. I know if I keep it I have to expect some $ out of pocket for some fixes. I do most the fixes myself, just buy the parts. I'd like to get my gasket on my oil filter housing swapped, I'm pretty sure it's got a little seepage going on. Other than that I just did a whole heap of things to her:

- Transmission fluid
- Brake fluid
- Power steering fluid
- oil
- air filters
- spark plugs
- fuel injection cleaning/service
- etc, etc.

I keep up on the maintenance. I dunno, maybe your right, just itching for something new, which is most likely a bad thing.

I did buy this CPO and still have a little $ left to pay on her... so maybe I'll just keep her another few years and go awhile with no payments... don't think I've ever had no car payments since I was 16 (28 now).