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Originally Posted by cmyk View Post
Burning oil is a pretty distinct smell. If you are smelling it I would recommend having the dealer take a look (I assume you are under warranty). Our cars have a few common oil leaks, the filter housing being the most common. Mine was leaking and it took me a while to find out as I never saw any oil under the car and wasn't noticing any oil loss over what would be reasonably expected (got the Add a Quart warning once since I've owned the car). When I dropped the plastic undercarriage liner quite a bit of oil had collected there.
Yep. I'm at 117k miles and just dropped my undercarriage for the first time... had to replace my water pump and thermostat... I was a little shocked at the oil I saw there... but after 117k miles who knows... normaly maybe. Could be a microscopic leak after that long... but anyways, I cleaned things up, wiped things down, and I'm pretty sure I have a leak in my filter housing... I think I need a new gasket.

I'm going to take the undercarriage off again this weekend (1 week after a fresh oil change and cleaning) and have another look at what I see. The oil is definitely coming from above though and dripping down (making it kind of seem like the leak may be the oil pan gasket) but I'm pretty sure it's my filter housing gasket.