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Bmw 3 series vs BMW 1 series on ice and snow

I had parked my car on an open car park, next to a brand new BMW 1 series. The car park was ice covered (like a sheet of ice) since it has been minus 7 degrees Centigrade for the past few days and on top of that it rained last night! The BMW one series owner tried backing his car and the rear wheels spun furiously. He tried it a few times with the same result. He was forced to rock the car a few times and another spin before he managed to back it out of that icy car park. I just backed out without effort, without any wheel spin and I have just ordinary 3 year old winter tyres without studs (Nokian Rsi). I am sure he had proper winter tyres since it is the law here. Is BMW one series that bad in ice? I am very curious to know. If I see that guy again in our hospital car park, I am going to ask him, if he had shut down his traction control, ESP or something. I just can not believe what I saw.