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Originally Posted by gonidz View Post
Ok guys added 50/50 mix today finally. Fourth wot I went all the way and at went into limp mode at 140 mph. I slowed down in 2 mins everything normal no more mode. Checks codes, had some one from yesterday 29f3 but a new one now 2f71 something to do with ecu fan. Any ideas please. Thx
Log it and get the specific code. One of two things happens at that speed based on what you've said:

1. Trimmed out which means open loop settings will need to be adjusted
2. Your car overheated or obscure fan issue?

I suspect the later based on the light going away after 2 min and the fan code. Also you have very high IATs from what I had seen. What transmission do you have and do you have the stock oil cooler?