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[quote=Pokerpot;13101988]I have a pre-Pop Valentine One for sale.

All Valentine One units have a software revision number (although they basically look the same from the outside), these are the "upgrades" that Valentine does...they upgrade you to the newest version...which is almost always better than the previous EXCEPT in this unique case.

The addition of the POP feature DECREASED long range performance so it could scan two little segments looking for blips of POP radar.

Pop Radar is ULTRA rare and not a legitimate threat. Only one Police Radar company makes it and it has an extremely poor market share, it was such a failure that their new unit doesn't even have POP capabilities (MPG Ranger radar unit).

In addition, while trying to be hyper-sensitive to POP, a lot of false alarms are generated that would normally be recognized as non-police radar by a non-POP V1. Any real radar detector fanatic, such as myself, know this but the average radar detector buyer is left out in the dark and thinks the newer models are better.

I have another one like this and I have done side by side comparisons with my friend's newer version and it's 100% true. Longer distance and less false positives.

Priced this at $300 net to me for a (hopefully quick) sale. Add shipping and Paypal fees please.

Do you have something to prove this? Any kind of data? Not disputing one way or another but unsubstantiated claims are just that - somebody's claims.

Is S/N available?


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